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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Course Description Are you a scholar or professional who wants to understand and learn what Lean and Six Sigma is? Are you a working person who wants to manage your processes effectively and efficiently? Are you a mid-management level professional who wants to grow your career by contributing to improvement of projects related to Productivity, […]

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Course Description

  • Are you a scholar or professional who wants to understand and learn what Lean
    and Six Sigma is?
  • Are you a working person who wants to manage your processes effectively and
  • Are you a mid-management level professional who wants to grow your career by
    contributing to improvement of projects related to Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale (PQCDSM)?
  • Are you a senior management level person who wants to lead the high impact
    cost saving projects, which are beneficial to your organizations, strategy, goals, and vision? But you are not confident to lead and drive the project on your own?
  • Are you an Entrepreneur or a business owner, who wants to develop good quality products and services for your customers at a competitive cost with excellence in delivery fulfillment?
  • Are you a person who know and heard about what Lean Six Sigma is all about but
    don’t know the tools of universally accepted project methodology of DMAIC, required for project Improvements

If the answers to all above questions are ‘’Yes” then you are at the right place and at the right time, so go ahead and Unlock the course for future learning, which will give you an opportunity to:

  • To identify what are value added and non-value added services or products in your    organization.
  • To directly select the applicable DMAIC tools and apply them to your business scenarios.
  • To lead and initiate improvement projects in your organization and business.
  • To study and learn various examples, from different business and industries.
  • To self-evaluate yourself by solving various online quizzes.
  • To get involved in virtual improvement projects.
  • To learn from experts and get support, if required.

The Skillograph Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course (MCSSGB) has been designed by doing a lot of research and following global standards of content development and accredited course syllabus. The course has been developed under the expert guidance of Subject Matter Experts of Lean Six Sigma, and competent developers of advanced Digital multi-media. Great emphasis has been laid to deliver value to our participants.

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Six Sigma & the organizational Goals
  • Why organization use Six Sigma or value of Six Sigma?
  • How they apply philosophy of Six Sigma and goals?
  • What are the organizational drivers and metrics?
Lean principles in the organization

The basic concepts of Lean like 8 types of wastes, value stream, the theory of constraints, etc.

Value stream mapping

What is the Value Stream Mapping with it's symbols/icons

Design for Six Sigma Methodologies (DFSS)
  • What are various product development methods?
  • What is DFSS/DLSS methodology for new product development?
  • Roadmap for DFSS/DLSS
Basic Failuare Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • How PFMEA is used to reduce the risk associated within the processes?
  • How to calculate RPN number?
Module – 1 Quiz
14 questions

Define Phase

Project identifications
  • Select high impact improvement projects?
  • Identify process elements?
  • Do process benchmarking?
  • Define the input & output of the process?
  • Identify the owners and stakeholders of the process?
Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • How: to capture the voice of business (VOB) in terms of customer data and requirements, surveys?
  • What: is the Voice of Customer (VOC), Critical to quality requirements (CCRs), Critical to quality requirements
Project Management
  • Various project management tools available like:
  • Project charter, scope, metrics, planning, documentation, risk & closure
Management & planning tools

What are the various project managing and planning tools available?

Business results for projects
  • What are the various metrics of the business results like CoPQ and Sigma Level?
  • What are the various type of communication in an organization?
Team dynamics & performance

How to form the team and various team roles & responsibilities involved in Lean Six Sigma organization?

Module – 2 Quiz
25 questions

Measure Phase

Process analysis & Documentation
  • Understand Measure Phase & Apply various tools available:
  • Introduction of Measure Phase, various data collection tools, MSA, process capability
Probability & statistics
  • Basic probability & statistic, central limit theorem, various type of data,
  • Descriptive statistics & graphical methods
Measurement & system analysis
  • What is Measurement System Analysis (MSA)?
  • What is gauge repeatability & reproducibility?
Process & performance capability

What is Cp, Cpl, Pp and Ppk?

Module – 3 Quiz
13 questions

Analyze Phase

Analyze Phase Correlation and Regression

Introduction to Analyze phase, correlation & regression, Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis testing
  • What is hypothesis testing and its applications?
  • What is the type of errors?
  • What are the various tests and graphical tools available?
  • What is ANOVA?
Module – 4 Quiz
14 questions

Improve Phase

Design of Experiment (DoE)
  • Introduction of Improved phase
  • What is the Design of Experiment (DOE)?
Module – 5 Quiz
20 questions

Control Phase

Root Cause Analysis and Lean Tools
  • What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA), 5 Whys analysis, cause & effect analysis?
  • How to reduce 8 types of wastes, reduce cycle time, and do kaizens?
Control Plan & Lean Tools for Process Control
  • Introduction to Control phase
  • What are the control plan & control charts?
  • What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • What is 5'S'?
Module – 6 Quiz
12 questions
Well this course is suitable for all the scholars, professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs from all walks of demography, domain and profession? As it is an e-learning course and can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The market and jobs for these courses can be currently seen as highly trending especially in APAC, America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. The course is highly recommended in the key field’s ex. Manufacturing, IT, Software, ITES, BPO, Insurance, Banking & Finance, Health, Management services/Shared Services, Telecom, Government organizations, PMO, Universities, Colleges/Schools, Law firms, Warehouse/Distribution centers, Hotels & restaurants, entrepreneurs, etc. The course is highly recommended for the age group of 18-45 “age may vary as per country’s education system” and is best suited for people who wants to continue working or studying while earning a degree, diploma or certificate in the respected course.
The course is written as per the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the course content is as per Body of Knowledge (BOK). Knowledge-content is developed on understanding as well as applied on the needs of the topics. Genuine examples are given from various domains. Also after every module, Quizzes are added for self-evaluation and assessment that makes the course fun to learn.
After doing this course, participant will: Understand the concepts of Lean Six Sigma & apply them to real work-related projects. They will be able to identify the high level and high business impact and business cases which needs improvements. They can be able to save money as business result, improves with quality, speedy delivery of products and services. Now they can be able to reduce or fully eliminate Non-Value Added (NVAs) activities and wastes from the business processes, manufacturing processes, administrative processes or transactional processes thus resulting in bringing sustainable culture of Operational excellence through transformational projects and changed culture.
This is a very useful course to bring the culture of delivering business values, which is a goal of every business. This course will not only fulfill a participant growing need of learning but also help them to apply the vast and diverse tools available with Lean Six Sigma. For entrepreneurs, this course will help to make improvements in their offering of Quality, Cost & Delivery (QCD) in their product and services. For employed People, this course will help to make them more competitive in understanding and applying knowledge & tools in their existing projects. By completing the course they will be more equipped to take new projects and decisions.
People can have additional weightage in their credentials which gives them edge in competition with others, thus resulting in better possibility of getting jobs or promotions in existing roles.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
As the course is made as per ASQ’s universally accepted syllabus and BoQ’s recommended questions as per topic. (For an example if BoQ recommends 10 questions, there are 12 to 15 questions given) So, there is no need to go for other accredited body. But still, as per regional or individual country’s needs, they can go for that.
Participants will get value-added services like online quizzes, case studies, they can access lectures, PowerPoint, emails, assignments, readings, documents, videos, links, discussion boards and the assignment folders, moreover a very dedicated customer care support to further guide them. In summary this course will definitely bring value to each participant’s learning experience.
4.8 out of 5
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